No, Mr. Zuckerberg!

The fight for net neutrality in India has started again. After Facebook renamed to Free Basics and started asking users to sign a petition to "save Free Basics in India", a lot of back and forth has taken place, which culminated in Mark Zuckerberg himself coming out of paternity leave to write an editorial in The Times of India.

Net Neutrality Walkathon

Free Software Movement Karnataka organised a walkathon in Koramangala yesterday to protest and to spread awareness about the importance of net neutrality. Even with the heavy rainfall, the walkathon went well and we distributed quite a few of the handouts prepared.

Net Neutrality in India

I never expected to be writing this article, as I didn't think the question would arise in a country like India. In a country where a large number of people struggle to make ends meet, I figured this would come up much much later. I've been following what's happening in the United States quite keenly over the last year or so.