Revisiting the MacBook 12

In my initial post on Apple’s new MacBook, I had a few bones to pick with it. However, I thought over some of the points I made and I realised that some of them have slowly become invalid in the last couple of years.

Apple's new MacBook

I do use my external hard drive a lot but I suddenly realised that my usage has gone down in the recent past. I’ve come to rely on the internal hard drive much more and there are long intervals in which I don’t use my hard drive at all. My HDMI usage has decreased too (almost zero nowadays) as I spend more and more time away from home. And to be fair, with wireless mirroring becoming more popular, HDMI doesn’t rate as highly as before.

The price too seems less of a problem when compared to the new Chromebook Pixel, especially considering how much more you can do with a MacBook. The MacBook is a much more comprehensive package when compared to Chrome OS and the $300 difference between the $999 Pixel and $1299 MacBook seems totally worth it.

And while the MacBook isn’t the most powerful machine out there, it should be just fine for light users. I can see my mum being perfectly comfortable with the MacBook, for example. The MacBook is perhaps the perfect device for someone invested in the Apple ecosystem but who doesn’t need a really powerful machine, but still one with all the bells and whistles.

Aditya Saky
May 5, 2015