FSMK Camp 2015

I’ve written before about the Free Software Movement of Karnataka (FSMK), specifically about their efforts to preserve Net Neutrality in India. FSMK conducts an annual camp to introduce newcomers to the world of FOSS and to teach the not-so-newcomers more.

FSMK Camp 2015

The camp was a week long affair and it was conducted in Reva University, Yelahanka. While this is still technically a part of Bangalore, it was far enough for most Bangaloreans to feel like they’d left the city. The venue was quite nice, though.

A typical day started at 9 with an hour long talk by someone in the industry and then we hit the labs. There were three tracks - System Administration, Android App Development and Freedom Hardware. After some internal debating, I chose the Android track and so, from 10:00 to 12:30, we sat and coded whatever we were working on that day. At 12:30, we stopped for lunch, following which, we had some sort of activity. And then we hit the labs again till tea time at 16:30. The sessions ended at 18:00 everyday, following which we had another hour long seminar or talk.

FSMK Camp 2015

This time, the theme of the camp was Net Neutrality. To uphold this, we were asked to do a portrayal on Net Neutrality in the form of a three minute video. While there was a lot of grumbling from the participants, myself included, we did turn in our videos. We did manage to have some fun in the video though.

But the camp was about much more. It was about meeting new people, your peers and seniors, people who are reputed members of the software industry and forming connections with them. I got to interact with and listen to some great people, some of whom are also senior members of FSMK. It wasn’t your traditional, summer learning camp.

All in all, it’s perhaps inaccurate to describe it as a camp. It was an experience. An experience I want to have again next year, hopefully, as a volunteer.

Aditya Saky
July 29, 2015